What is Cinnamon Clubs?

Cinnamon Clubs is a premium Investment Club Management software that takes care of the record keeping details, allowing your club to concentrate on the business of growing your money. https://cinnamonclubs.com/

What are the benefits of using Cinnamon Clubs?

  • Transparency Cinnamon Clubs improves your investment group transparency in the following ways:
  • Every member is able to access the group account information and their own personal information by logging into their individual Cinnamon Clubs dashboard.
  • Only the group treasurer and anyone with administrative rights have the ability to manipulate, approve member payments, groups account information and transactions.
  • Cinnamon Clubs keeps track of all the groups’ transactions and generates a summary report for each transaction.

How do I access Cinnamon Clubs?

To access Cinnamon Clubs, all you need is an Internet enabled device with a good Internet connection i.e. a computer or a mobile phone. Currently Cinnamon Clubs only runs on web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) but will soon be available on mobile as an android app.

To run Cinnamon Clubs:

  • Make sure your internet connection is good.
  • Go to your web browser and visit our website: https://cinnamonclubs.com/ 
  • If you encounter any connection problems, kindly follow the link to troubleshoot your computer here
  • You can also contact our customer care through the following number, 0701145607 or email us on info@hostalite.com

How do I Pay for Cinnamon Clubs?

After getting started on Cinnamon Clubs, the registered club receives a 30 days (one month) free subscription trial. Upon the expiry, one is expected to pay a subscription amount in order to continue using Cinnamon Clubs account.

  • The software automatically directs you to the billing page when your session expires as shown below
  • Cinnamon Clubs pricing rate are as shown above;
  • Yearly subscription – 160,000/= (45$) for a club of maximum 20 members
  • For each extra member -10,000/= (3$) per year.

How can I make my subscription payments?

The following are the methods of making Cinnamon Clubs subscription payment.

  • Cash Payment
  • Cheque Payment
  • Mobile Money Payment

Will I get instructions to help me get started?

Yes. After signing up on Cinnamon Clubs, you will get a detailed email of instructions regarding how to use Cinnamon Clubs.

  • In addition, you can contact our training staff if you can’t see the email? Email our support team at info@hostalite.com or call 0701145607 and we’ll send them to you.

Do you provide phone support?

Yes, Cinnamon Clubs support include phone as well as email support.

Does Cinnamon Clubs Access my Bank Account?

  • Cinnamon Clubs does not access your bank account in any way. Your Cinnamon Clubs account is only used for recording purposes. Once you add your bank account, Cinnamon Clubs does not deduct any amount nor has access to your bank details and transactions.

How safe is my account when I sign up on Cinnamon Clubs?

  • Each account is created by a password which is set up by the managers of the account upon sign-up.
  • Each account is linked to an email address of the administrator once it is set up and only the admin has access to this account.

Does Hostalite have access to my account once i sign up on Cinnamon Clubs?

  • Hostalite doesn’t have access to the investment clubs details

Can I be a member of two groups on Cinnamon Clubs?

  • Yes, you can.
  • On Cinnamon Clubs every member is issued a unique key. This key identifies with a member`s records in an investment group.
  • After logging in, an interface displaying all groups where the member is registered appears.
  • This allows the user to select which group to log in to.
  • NB: This is only applicable to users who are registered in more than one investment group.

What is the difference between an ordinary member and an admin?

An administrator has administrative rights

  • This means that he/ she has the rights to view change and edit any record on Cinnamon Clubs. The administrator’s dashboard consists of a summary of the group accounts and a list of all group members as shown below.

However, an ordinary member can only view his/her own records.

  • Additionally, an ordinary member cannot edit or change anything. The members dashboard consists of a summary of the group accounts alongside his/her own financial summary.
  • To switch between the two, hover to your user profile and click on switch to member button.

A group administrator is still considered as a member. This means that he/she can switch between a member an administrator`s view.

Can we use Cinnamon Clubs if the members are in different states?

Cinnamon Clubs is accessible anywhere anytime. All you need is a good internet connection and a device that can connect to the internet.
This means that you can still participate in your group activities abroad using Cinnamon Clubs.

Must we be formally registered as an Investment group to use Cinnamon Clubs?

  • Cinnamon Clubs solely deals with book keeping and reconciliation of investment group records. There is no legislation involved in Cinnamon Clubs. Therefore you don’t have to be registered to use Cinnamon Clubs.
  • However it’s very important to register and formalize your investment group.

What should I do Right after Signing up?

  • After creating an account on Cinnamon Clubs, many people are not sure of where to start or what they should next. There is a variety of records to be added but here are the most basic to start with.
  • Here are four essential things you need to do right after you sign up for Cinnamon Clubs.

Complete Group Profile

  • On your group profile, click complete group profile and fill in the information about your Investment Group.
  • Detailed steps Register 

Adding Members

  • Add the members in order to create the members group accounts, for them to activate their accounts; they receive an activation link in their emails inbox that helps them to login and view their dashboards.
  • Detailed steps

Adding Bank account

  • Add your group bank account. This can be more than one account.

Creating Contribution

  • Create your group contributions.
  • Detailed information After completing these basic four steps, your account is now up and running. Kindly proceed to receiving your group records.

How do I Add Members?

Cinnamon Clubs allows you to add new group members. Here, you can change, update or delete the details of a member in the group.

  • Go to Club Members>Add New Members>

How do I Edit my account as a Members?

Cinnamon Clubs allows you to edit your profile as a group member. Here, each member can change or update the profile details in their dashboard.

  • Go to your Members dashboard>List Members
  • Choose your account to edit and click on the EDIT button
  • Scroll down to edit the details you wish, Click on SAVE CHANGES after editing to save.
  • You have successfully edited a member profile.