Why Cinnamon

The four investment club goals Cinnamon will ensure that you meet.

Growing group assets,
Cinnamon allows your club to concentrate on the business of growing your money by taking care of the record keeping details.

Every investor joins a club expecting that their investment will grow over time. Cinnamon will track the performance of your various investments as a club. Club members will be encouraged to continue their commitments as they are provided with information on how well their investments are doing. You can also sign up for our free email tips on current investment opportunities in Uganda.
To find out how Cinnamon tracks investment performance, try out our free demo here

Financial resilience of the members

Investment clubs encourage members to develop and maintain savings and investment habits. Cinnamon will track regular payments, send reminders to members and update individual statements.

Check out an example of a member statement generated by Cinnamon.
Members will remain committed to the payments that they have set out to do when information is provided in a timely and convenient manner.

For further discussion on ways to keep your club members committed to their regular payments, read our blog post on Six ways to encourage commitment in investment clubs.

Managing risk in investment performance
Cinnamon will assist the club to manage the risks that are involved in investment.

For clubs that include lending as one of their investment products, Cinnamon will be your tool of choice for processing loan applications. Repayment activity can also be effectively tracked with Cinnamon. Defaulting is promptly flagged leading to timely resolution. Check out our tips on managing investment club lending here.

Here’s an example of a loan application process carried out on Cinnamon.
Simple analyses of data collected in Cinnamon will quickly identify under performing investments. Decisions on way forward are made before further losses are encountered.

Culture of trust

Investment clubs fail when there is a lack of trust amongst members. With Cinnamon, transparency is introduced. With a click, members can access historical records of the club’s finances.
Look at an example of what your membership would be able to see when they request a full club statement
All members would be privy to information on total collections, performance of investments and assets owned.
With availability of information, club members are more likely to remain committed to the overall club objectives.