1.Getting Started #

Cinnamon Clubs is a premier investment club/SACCO management software that manages records and improves efficiency in collections, activity monitoring, financial analysis, and reconciliation. 
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2.Basic Settings #

Login to the dashboard using the credentials given to you through email or any other mode of communication.

Go to the settings -> Organisation Settings at the button left of the modules

Set the following required parameters:

  1. Client Types i.e Member, client, Individual, etc
  2. Titles i.e Mr., Mrs., Dr., Eng. etc
  3. Professions i.e Teacher, Engineering, Accountant, etc
  4. Currencies i.e UGShs, USD, etc
  5. Payment Types i.e Cash, Mobile Money, Cheque, etc
  6. Funds i.e Client, Donations, Grants, etc
  7. Loan Purposes i.e Business, Housing, etc
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3.Add Clients/ Members #

To add a new client, click on Clients menu then click Create Client. This will open the client create page offering a series of text inputs.

The form contains:

Branch: The branch of the client

External ID: The external id of the client, you may use your manual file number here.

Title: Set the title of the client from the drop-down having different options we created in the Basic Settings

First Name: The first name of the client

Last Name: The last name of the client

Gender: The gender of the client

Marital Status: The marital status of the client

Mobile: The mobile number of the client

Country: The country of the client

Date of Birth: The date of birth of the client

Staff: The staff assigned to the client

Email: The email of the client. This will be used to send communication emails to the client

Profession: The profession of the client is selected from a drop-down having the options we created in the Basic Settings

Type: The type or category of the client is selected from a drop-down having the options we created in the Basic Settings

Photo: The photo of the client

Address: The address of the client

Notes: Any additional details.

Submitted on: The date when the client was entered into the system

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