Swift Loan Application

The Automated loan process from an investment club or SACCO begins with a loan application submitted by a member from their own confort. The loan committee creates loan products that may be suitable for a range of members or customers and then they submit a loan application. This loan application will be reviewed and eventually a committee takes a decision to approve the loan application without any physical contact.

Cinnamon without boarders

With our premier product that is cloud-hosted, cinnamon can be accessed from anywhere around the world as long as you can access the internet and have a device that can browse. You can monitor your savings, loans, shares and many more services at your own time without even contacting the treasurer or calling anyone.

Investment Tracking

With our robust modules in Cinnamon you can track all the investment projects that are being worked on and calculate the return on investments. You get to know how your resources are being used on different projects and their state.