Cinnamon moves to automate the Fabulous Beautiful Homes land saving scheme members savings records

A few years ago they started an annual land savings scheme where members save money with a goal to buy land. Contributions are made in lump sum, Daily or Weekly, monthly instalments. 1000+ people have obtained land titles by saving in small and manageable installments.

Now, if you know how hectic it is to handle excel sheets, of all these members with many contributions anytime, then you will agree with me that it was important that they had to automate. We are glad to report that they chose #CinnamonClubs and we just finished automating the saving scheme. Members now have gotten their own dashboards, they have visibility of their savings throughout the year, they receive notifications on every activity on their account.

Transparency, accountability, simplicity and professionalism is what we just delivered.

By the way, you too can join the forth Fabulous Beautiful Homes land saving scheme by contacting them on 0704543154 or +256772610901

Please look no further of you have A SACCO or Investment Club: